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  • 1787. Folded letter from Porto (Portugal) via Havana to Guatemala, marked "12" reales due in manuscript, entering Spain at Tuy with application of red "Portvgal" straight-line, additionally handstamped with two strikes of "España" postmark of Corunna (Kouri type I) also in red......... 1787. Folded letter from Porto...

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  • THE EARLIEST EXAMPLE RECORDED OF ANYOF THE EXTENSIVELY USED "YNDIAS" HANDSTAMPS  21 March 1767: Entire letter from Buenos Aires to Cádiz, carried via Portugal as denoted by the black "Portvgal" entry postmark applied at Badajoz in Spain, following application of "Yndias" straight-line and "4.Rs" due marking, both struck in red on arrival.......... THE EARLIEST EXAMPLE RECORDED OF...

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Mostrando 1 - 2 di 2 articoli