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  • 1789 circa. Undated envelope from Rome (faint handstamp in black on front) to Arequipa, carried via Barcelona where the "Italia" straight-line was struck, transmitted overland to Corunna and handstamped "España" (Kouri type I) before being carried by maritime transatlantic means........... 1789 circa. Undated envelope from...

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  • The Unique Ship's Register Cover from Peru 1796, Sept. 8. Ship's register cover of the "Rey Carlos" frigate, sailing from Lima to Cadiz (Spain), entering the mails with "Fran­ca" & "Lima" straight-line postmarks in red struck on dispatch, with various incomplete red wax seals on reverse............ The Unique Ship's Register Cover from...

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  • 26 September 1805: Folded registered cover from Lima to Santiago (Chile), carried by the"La Primera" frigate as endorsed at lower left, bearing bold strikes of "Certifcacion/A.Lima" two-line and "Franca" straight-line handstamps in red, charged at double rate in manuscript on reverse for a total of 7 1/2 reales including 5 reales of the maritime fee.... 26 September 1805: Folded registered...

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Mostrando 25 - 27 di 27 articoli