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"Fragata Monticello" 1807, November 11. Entire letter from Cádiz (Spain), leaving the metropolitan peninsula without application of postmarks, denoting, with "Fragata Monticello" endorsement", the carriage by the American frigate "Monticello", bearing "España" straight-line handstamp in red, which is believed to have been applied on arrival at Lima. During the period comprised between 1 796 and 1808, due to war events between France, England and Spain, part of the commerce connecting Spain and America was performed by ships of neutral countries such as Portugal, modem-day Germany, United States and others. With the purpose of avoiding attacks against the interests of Spain, and consequently those of its citizens, Spanish dealers were able to contract ships from these neutral origins. One of these contracts was signed between the Lavalle family and the Gordon & Murphy company, in order to carry goods from Cádiz to Lima by the American frigate "Monticello"; this ship also infrequently carried mail between these two ports. An absolutely extraordinary item by being the only cover recorded exhibiting this "España" postmark (believed to originate from Lima), which possess distinctly remarkable characteristics in its shape in contrast with other "España" types. Furthermore, the earliest item known carried to Spanish South America by a non-Spanish ship. Ex Camino.