1 600,00€

1810 circa. Cover (two back flaps lacking) from Cartagena to Havana, handstamped on dispatch by framed "Cartagena/ De Indias./Debe." and Italic "Santa Fé" postmarks, the latter being deleted probably due to avoid confusion to identify the locality of dispatch which required the application of a due ("Debe") marking. Carried by the "Cazadón" brigantine, and the postage to be collected on receipt being 3 reales for 11/2 oz. The Santa Fé postal district comprised territories in present-day Colombia and Panama. The "Santa Fé" postmark was not only used at Santa Fé de Bogotá, but also in the area of its district, as stipulated by postal rules of 1 st September 1779. The only cover recorded from Cartagena with the "Santa Fé" postmark, and one of just two known showing this usage outside the city of Santa Fé de Bogota, further enhanced by the rare destination.