10 000,00€

Undated large part of registered cover front to Bogotá , bearing 1860 1 Oc. yellow-buff, a large margined example, used in combination with two examples of 1860-61 20c. black revenue stamps, all cancelled by pre-philatelic "O" numeral handstamp, which was usually applied on registered mail. The 50c. franking would have paid 1 Oc. for the single weight letter for a distance not exceeding 150 km., with the rest 40 c. being the fee for the registration service. The fact of being registered mail is also confirmed by the manuscript note on reverse "Recibí il contenido - José Araujo", which was a compulsory docket of receipt for this service as per postal regulations. The only combination cover known bearing a usage of revenue stamps in conjunction with Colombian classic adhesives; its great desirability is further enhanced by the fact of being the only registered item recorded in the second issue. (Registered mail is an very rare feature in early franked mail of Colombia; as a matter of fact, only two registered covers are also recorded in the first issue, with no examples known in the third issue). Bortfeldt and Moorhouse certificates. Scott 11. Ex Frohlich