5 000,00€

17 June 1865: Registered cover front from Bogotá to Cartagena, bearing 1865 10 c. violet, two strips of three including transfer types 2-4 & 8-10, mostly good margins except for one strip which is just shaved at base, both in deep colour, together with three single copies of the same value in a light shade, transfer types 5, 4 & 11, cut into in small places with mostly good margins, cancelled by "O" numeral handstamp and italic "Certificacion a Bogotá/Salió en_de_", both applied in red, the latter being repeated above franking with date in manuscript " 17 Junio 1865". The franking covered the 50 c. of the registration fee plus 40 c. corresponding to a four-fold domestic rate. Notated as received and signature on front as stipulated for registered mail by the postal rules. A marvelous eye-catching cover representing the largest recorded franking of this value, bearing a most unusual combination franking of the same denominations in distinctly different shades. Bortfeldt certificate. Scott 38. Ex Londoño and Frohlich