3 200,00€

3 February 1855: Folded cover from Guatemala to El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain), with green origination c.d.s. and "4" rate marking, with subsequent application, in Cadiz, of the following postmarks: black ''Nueva/España" and blue "Islas De/Barlovento" in two lines (the former indicating provenance from Mexico, the latter struck in Cuba or Puerto Rico, and erroneously applied on this cover). With reference to the rate applied, two markings of 5 and 8 reales were overstruck (8 reales paid the postage from Guatemala, whereas the 5 reales refer to the fee for incoming mail from Cuba and Puerto Rico). An excepiional and most rare example of mail exhibiting the "Nueva España" and "Islas de/Barlovento" postmarks used in conjunction. In addition, this item clearly demonstrates the application of the ''Nueva España" handstamp in Cadiz. To be also noted the rare three-colour combination of postmarks. Ex Sitjà